portfolio. WebGround has been awarded several times. here's some historical background for the most important use of WebGround textures. I thank them all. Some of the following sites may not exist anymore.

Sony PlayStation 2 | Dec, 2001
Some textures included in the developers' Technical Reference CD-ROM's.

IP SiteWizard Service | Sep, 1999
Homepage builder via WWW.

ClassWeb | award | Nov 18, 1998
Web site of the day, from Brazil.

Luckman Interactive | award | Feb 6, 1997
This mark of excellence is something that we only give to the finest sites on the Web.

Strands of Tangled Web | award | Jan 20, 1997
Given to the creators of rated sites in sincere appreciation for their dedication and their many hours of work and for generously sharing their art and knowledge with their neighbors in cyberspace.

WebMastery | award | Jan 16, 1997
Where only the best Web resources can be found.

The Crest Top 25 Award | award | Jul 1, 1996
Selected to be a member of July's Crest Top 25. The category for July is Web Graphics.

Nova Development Corporation | May, 1996
I've sold non-exclusive rights (for 5 years) of inclusion of WebGroound's textures in their Art Explosion and Web Explosion packages.

Sapo | award | May 20, 1996
Named site of the week May 20-26, 1996, from Portugal.

Top 5% Portugal | award | Jan 19, 1996
Named one of the best 5% of all Portuguese Web sites.

WebGround Circa 1995
WebGround | Circa 1995
(yesterday, as today, it always
has been in monochrome colors)
well, you know, I was born in 1964, and I've done a lot of things since then. Some worthless, some not. Mostly worthless, I'm afraid. I've started as a graphic designer (got some awards on this) and as an artist. Now, I'm a Web designer and a software programmer.

For what it's worth, and in short, back in 1991 I've created the first interactive multimedia systems ever made in Portugal. Later on, in 1995, I became the very first professional Web designer in Portugal. And talking about this WebGround thing, it was the first portuguese site integrally made using frames. In 1996, I was the first to have payable banner ads in portuguese sites. In 1997 I've also created the first portuguese site integrally made using Cascading Style Sheets. In 2000, I was the first in Portugal to create an integrally-driven site using TrueDoc dynamic fonts technology for the Web. I've done a lot of sites since those early days of year 1995.

I currently live in Lisbon.

thanks to Mark Raishbrook. An English guy who has lived in Portugal for several years. Thanks for revising my English in these pages. This took place back in 1995, when this site went online. Thanks, Mark! Have a nice cold beer! (By the way, where the fuck are you, man?)

But I must say that further updates that I've made throughout the years have never been revised by anyone. So, all sintax errors are mine.

statistics for this site. In real time (reload page if necessary). Please notice that prior to November 4, 2000, WebGround only had a single counter: for the Main Page. Due to this fact, on that date all the 3 counters for the Front Pages assumed the amount the Main Page had. All other new counters started from zero.

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