welcome to WebGround. Thanks for dropping by. This is a deliberately simple site. If textures are what you are looking for, then textures are what you are going to get. Immediately. If you like what you find here, if you think this site is cool, please tell your friends about it. And sure, come back any time and as often you want.

7292 textures
437 lightgrays
189 mediumgrays
256 darkgrays
2427 lightcolors
2335 mediumcolors
1648 darkcolors
here you can find thousands of original background textures for your Internet Web. For free. Yes, you read it right, they are damn free.

this means the textures may be used without fee in almost all kinds of sites, whether they are commercial, profit, non-profit, governmental organizations, individuals, students, academic staff, etc. One exception goes to all texture collection sites (strictly prohibited for them). All I ask is that you must give some credits to WebGround in your front or main page, by showing (and linking to WebGround's front page) the following micro button in your site. Something like this piece of HTML code (you may use it and you may also copy the button):

<A HREF="http://www.josedealmeida.com/webground/" TARGET="_blank"><IMG ALT="WebGround"
SRC="http://www.josedealmeida.com/webground/webground.gif" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0></A>

donate! if you like this site, which I'm pretty sure you do, you can help maintaining it. Make a USD $5 donation or so via PayPal. A donation a day keeps the bill away. Thanks!

still, all textures are copyrighted by me and therefore protected by law. For commercial use rights for software programs, CD-ROMs and all other purposes, please drop me a message. Then I'll see what I can do for you.

all textures are organized in 6 sections (see the menu in the top of the screen). Each page will display a maximum of 20 related textures, side by side. Some textures will look quite similar to you. But they aren't exactly the same. When using them on a page, they will produce different backgrounds.

Although I have kept texture files small (between 2 to 10 kbytes), receiving a page with 20 images, can be a time-consuming operation. Be aware of this, since there's nothing I can do to avoid it.

besides the textures, you'll also find instructions on how to use them in your site, with some very simple HTML examples, which will help you to test things out. Color changing is also covered. It's dead simple, you know? So, in case you don't know how to do it, just read the how-to section.

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